Do This One Thing And Start Raising Your Standards

So, lets talk about this thing of raising your standards and how you can start today!

Now before I start , there are many ways to raise your standards but today I just want to focus on one point in particular.

Now when I talk about raising your standards, I am talking about looking at your current status in any area of you life, this could be personal, business, health etc and then scoring it on a scale from 1 – 10 ( 1 being very low and 10 being exceptional ).

Once you have done this evaluation, you want to then take that score to a higher level.  So if you feel that you scored yourself a 4/10 for health, then you want to aim for a 8/10 or higher for example.

The one thing I wanted to talk about today when raising your standards will sound very simple, but most people just don’t do it…

And that is, start being more intentional with your words and thoughts, and start being very conscious about what you are saying and thinking… Simple right?

For example:

The biggest take away from this example is too be very conscious about the words you are using, and that when you are using words like ‘I must’ , ‘I will’ etc that you follow through and start making these good and positive habits that are associated with those words as opposed to the negative connotation associated with words like ‘maybe’, ‘should’, etc.

I hope this has made sense and it has served you in some way.

Please do me a favor and just try it… not once… make it a habit!

Start being conscious about your words and thoughts and start making it a good habit.

You will see how this simple adjustment will make a huge difference in your life.

Have an amazing day and speak again soon



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